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Winning at Trial

This program can be customized to fit your needs. As a starting point, the course is often given over two days which allows for the following interactive lectures and one-on-one coaching where attorneys practice and perfect their skills.

Develop a Winning Case Strategy

The beginning of trial is when most lawyers try and answer the difficult but simple question, “Why should I win?” If you wait until this moment, you will lose every time. Learn how to answer this question early in your case so you can develop the facts you need to win at trial.


Voir Dire

Learn the five mistakes almost every lawyer makes in jury selection.


Opening Statements that Win Every Time

The opening statement is the key to winning your case. Learn how to prepare and deliver an opening statement that is memorable and wins your trial.


Direct Examinations that Tell Your Story

Learn why the conventional wisdom to let your witness do all the talking is completely wrong. This lecture provides concrete steps and strategies to take control of direct examination and present your evidence so you will win.


How to Succeed on Cross

Cross-examination is the most difficult trial skill to master. Overcome your fears, simplify your examination, make your cross more powerful, and capture the jury’s attention.


Defeating the Expert at Trial

Learn new tips that guarantee victory against your opponent’s expert.


Ethical Issues at Trial

Learn how to avoid improper witness coaching, improper arguments and improper objections.


The Secrets to a Powerful Closing Argument

There are some simple techniques that ensure you deliver a persuasive and memorable closing argument. You will never forget these strategies that ensure success.


One-On-One Skills Practice & Coaching

There are multiple sessions where attorneys practice skills training and receive one-on-one coaching and feedback from reviewing video of their exercises.


Get Started

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