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FOr Professionals

Book: Winning at Public Speaking by Shane Read

Winning at Public Speaking

People who speak well are considered more trustworthy, knowledgeable, and persuasive. Why wouldn’t you want that same reputation for yourself and the invaluable advantage it will give you for your next presentation or speech?

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For Attorneys

Book: Winning at Deposition by Shane Read

Winning at Deposition

A successful deposition is the most important weapon you have to win your case. How can you be sure you’ll get it every time? Learn from the skillful techniques—and memorable failures—that occurred at the most famous depositions of all time

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Book: Winning at Cross-Examination by Shane Read

Winning at Cross-Examination

A persuasive cross-examination is the moment when a case is won, whether it is at a trial or a deposition. How can you be sure to win? This book explains why the conventional wisdom is wrong and provides modern strategies and techniques to handle even the most difficult witnesses.

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Book: Winning at Trial by Shane Read

Winning at Trial

Written in 2007, Shane's first textbook teaches basic trial skills. More advanced trial skills are taught in Turning Points at Trial, listed above.

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Book: Turning Points at Trial by Shane Read

Turning Points at Trial

Thirteen of the greatest lawyers in the country share with you the powerful secrets from their most interesting cases, from depositions to trials to appeals.

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Book: Winning at Persuasion by Shane Read

Winning at Persuasion

This book explains the secrets of persuasion in the courtroom whether it is a trial or a hearing. Learn how to overcome the fear of public speaking, how to tell a story, how to create memorable visual aids, and then analyze how the masters do it in real cases.

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Book: Discovery by Shane Read


This is a handbook written for Bloomberg’s Litigation Practice Series. It is only available on their website.

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