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I started my career at the law firm Akin Gump and spent the last 30 years as a civil and criminal Assistant United States Attorney where I tried hundreds of cases. I have also written award-winning and bestselling textbooks on persuasion, deposition, and trial skills. I am a graduate of Yale University, the University of Texas School of Law, and am an adjunct professor at S.M.U.’s Dedman School of Law.

When I had my first trial soon after law school, I realized almost everything I had been taught about persuasion in a courtroom was wrong. I was determined to figure out what worked. I spent every spare moment watching trials. I saw a lot of lawyers making the same mistakes that I had made, but a few great trial lawyers were doing something completely different. The great lawyers I studied followed a common set of principles of persuasion that led to success. The excitement I felt when I witnessed these principles being executed in high-stakes cases and in my own trials made me want to share this knowledge with others. I did this by writing textbooks and teaching thousands of people across the USA and Europe through group and one-on-one training.


There is no more difficult place to persuade than in a courtroom: a high-stakes environment with a judge who restricts what you can say and an opposing attorney whose job is to make sure that you lose. But the lawyers I saw thrive in this environment all had one thing in common: they were telling compelling stories from the moment a trial started until it ended, and getting results that other lawyers could not get. If you are an attorney, I can show you how to immediately raise your persuasion skills and put you on a path to becoming a great trial lawyer with outstanding results.

If you are not an attorney, imagine if you could use these same principles of persuasion in the business world. Not only will they work, but they will give you a huge advantage over your competition. Through engaging training and easy-to-follow instruction, I will show you how to use the secrets of great trial lawyers to transform your public speaking and presentation skills to get the results you desire. 

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Shane Read is the best legal writer for skills development alive today.

Mark Lanier, recognized internationally as one of the top trial attorneys in the United States.

Shane Read provided a one-day training program to our transaction team at Lincoln Harris CSG. We were hoping for a lot and it was even better than expected. Each of the participants gave Shane two thumbs up – I absolutely recommend Shane’s program without hesitation.

Webber Beall, Executive Vice President at Lincoln Property Company

If you have an opportunity to hear Shane speak, take advantage of it because you will be learning from the best! He was our keynote speaker and kept the audience of more than 200 lawyers and judges entertained and engaged throughout the four hour program.

Jeff M. Sturman, Dean of the 21st Annual Trial Advocacy Institute of the Southern California Chapter of the American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers.

If you follow Shane’s advice, he can turn you into a great trial lawyer.

Lisa Blue, Past President, The National Trial Lawyers

"From presentation to persuasion in the courtroom, Shane has honed his skills and is now able to empower others to flourish. For the business world, Shane’s approach, strategies, and wisdom have enabled me to be a better leader. I am more confident on stage and in the boardroom and would encourage business leaders to engage his extremely beneficial resources."

Kyle Waldrep, Founder and CEO, Dottid

"Shane has the expertise and experience to help anyone in finance or business improve their message and how to present it so they can meet their clients’ needs. He quickly can understand your challenges and give you very thoughtful solutions with concrete steps to solve your problem. He not only has the expertise and experience, but he is very inspiring to learn from."

Saman Samii, Wealth Advisor, UBS

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