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Winning at

This program can be customized to fit your needs. As a starting point, the course is often given over two days which allows for the following interactive lectures and one-on-one coaching where attorneys practice and perfect their skills.

Develop a Winning Case Strategy

Most lawyers litigate a case without ever taking the time to realize what is most important about a case to determine its outcome. Learn how to spot the key issues in your case and develop a winning strategy.


The Keys to Taking a Successful Deposition

Discover new techniques to get the answers you need from an adverse witness every time.


Defeating Lying Witnesses & Combative Lawyers

Learn three new techniques to win against a witness who dodges questions at a deposition. The other main problem lawyers face at depositions is argumentative counsel. Learn six steps to take that will guarantee success every time.


Beat an Expert Witness Every Time

Taking an expert’s deposition can be one of the most intimidating tasks any lawyer faces. Learn what questions to ask, what order to ask them in, and how to pin down the expert so there is no escape.


Ethics of Witness Preparation & Defending the Deposition

This is one of the most neglected but important tasks. Discover why the conventional wisdom regarding witness preparation is flat out wrong. Learn new strategies to prepare even the most hardheaded witness for deposition. Also, learn the secret to defending a deposition.


Use Depositions Successfully at Trial

Most lawyers take a deposition without any thought of its implications for trial success. In fact, a good deposition is the most important weapon a lawyer has to ensure victory at trial. Learn how to approach a deposition with the correct strategy to succeed. Also, learn the most effective and powerful way to use a deposition at trial.


One-On-One Skills Practice & Coaching

There are multiple sessions where attorneys practice skills training and receive one-on-one coaching and feedback from reviewing video of their exercises.


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