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Trial Consulting

Don’t wait until you know your case is going to trial to start developing your trial strategy. By then it is too late. Great lawyers begin this process at the very beginning of the case. Get the help you need from Shane in the beginning to develop an effective strategy for discovery, depositions, mediation, and ultimately a trial. They are all tied together.


Witness Preparation

You cannot tell a compelling story at trial if your witnesses cannot communicate effectively what your story is. Shane can prepare your witness for deposition or trial by getting them to focus on the keys to their testimony and how to clearly and succinctly explain their role.


Focus Groups

Shane can conduct a focus group for your case. A focus group is indispensable. It will help you 1) know the value of your case, 2) find undiscovered obstacles to your case, 3) help you find themes that will resonate with a jury, and 4) test what works and what doesn’t.


Jury Selection

Voir Dire is essential to winning at trial. To be successful, you need to develop a strategy on how to present your case in voir dire, develop questions to identify jurors that have a bias against your case, know what type of juror can be the fairest for your case, and be able to evaluate the jurors’ answers during voir dire.


Get Started

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